(“The Bloodthirsty Fairy”)
Production: Belgium, 1968
Director: Roland Lethem
Category: Experimental Horror
One of the most startling arthouse films of the 60s, in which a voluptuous nude creature launches violent assaults on religion and society; the film opens with a swastika before we see the avenging fairy/angel sexually abusing and choking a nun, gouging out a young boy’s eyes, and castrating a law student. This is all shown in graphic bloody detail, and the camera then proceeds to dwell lovingly on the bloodthirsty fairy’s prized collection of severed penises (all from political figures) in jars. Another of Lethem’s short, experimental horror films was La Ballade Des Amants Maudits (“Ballad Of The Cursed Lovers”, 1967), in which a jealous girl poisons her former lover and his new paramour, transfiguring them into ravening beasts; she is then destroyed by these hideous, vampire-like creatures.

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