(“Wedding Vase”)
Production: Belgium, 1974
Director: Thierry Zeno & Dominique Garny
Category: Sexual Perversion
Bizarre film about a disturbed man’s relationship with a sow; features acts of bestiality and coprophilia amongst other delights. As well as raping the sow and fondling its nipples, he likes to defecate in an old bathtub. He also places doll’s heads on pigeons. When the sow gives birth, he hangs the (half-human?) piglets, causing the distressed sow to perish in the mud. He then plucks feathers from a decapitated chicken, mixes them with his excrement, boils it, and eats it. After vomiting, he hangs himself. Delivered at a turgid pace and devoid of dialogue, Vase Des Noces is an abomination in the finest sense of the word. Zeno and Garny were also involved with the “death mondo” film Des Morts (“Of The Dead”, 1979).

(“The Pig”)
Production: France, 1970
Director: Jean-Michel Barjol & Jean Eustache
Category: Documentary/Butchery
Ethnographic documentary filmed in rural France, showing peasants slaughtering a large, fat pig. After the pig’s carcass is bled dry, we are treated to a display of dressing, butchering, meat processing, and cooking, plus dark secrets of the ancient art of sausage-making; the whole thing takes the best part of the day, and is presented in all its time-honoured, ritualistic aspects. Director Eustache went on to make La Maman Et La Putain (“The Mother And The Whore”, 1973), a three-hour piece concerning the relationship between three young students and their sexual mores, which some consider as the drawn-out death-rattle of the French New Wave.

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