Production: Cambodia, 1979
Director: Dinh Phong, Ho Van Tay
Category: Atrocity
Army cameramen Phong and Tay were with the Vietnamese troops that drove back the Khmer Rouge in a sweeping January 1979 offensive, and were the first to film inside the abandoned Tuol Sleng prison/torture/extermination camp, also known as S-21. Room after room with rotting, mangled corpses chained to beds, the floor alive with maggots, a charnel house from Hell that overshadows even the footage of Nazi concentration camps in its revelations of barbaric depravity. Thousands after thousands of prisoners were processed at S-21, bludgeoned to death after prolonged torture involving gross physical mutilation. This haunting silent footage was a key document in revealing to the outside world the true atrocities committed by the Khmer Rouge and their dictator, Pol Pot.

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