(“Morgane And Her Nymphs”)
Production: France, 1970
Director: Bruno Gantillon
English-language release title: Girl Slaves Of Morgana Le Fay
Category: Sex-Horror
A dream-like sex-horror film operating in the same territory as Jean Rollin, but more concerned with spiritual vampirism than the kind that opens arteries. Two sexy young girls stumble across the gothic lair of Morgana Le Fay and her nympho slaves, and are offered eternal youth if they will join her harem. With lurching dwarfish actor Alfred Baillou as a hunchbacked servant, luxuriant female nudity and a hot lesbian orgy. Baillou also appeared in Jesús Franco’s sleazy Plaisir À Trois (1974) and his lesbian nun romp Les Nonnes En Folie (1975).

Production: USA, 1976
Director: John Hayes
Category: Adult/Hardcore
Although the mnemonic link to the Polanski film with a similar title may have been deliberate, the themes of the two films have little in common except a female victim. In this case the young woman, played by Sharon Thorpe, is an adoptee who becomes obsessed with tracking down her real father. Her search leads her into an array of unpleasant situations, including being brutally raped by one of her father’s friends. As well as misogynistic violence there are also several hardcore orgy scenes, including sex in a funeral parlour. A morbidly downbeat and depressing film, Baby Rosemary is one of the harsh classics of golden age porno cinema.

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