(“The Truth Concerning A Stranger’s Imaginary Passion”)
Production: France, 1974
Director: Marcel Hanoun
Category: Experimental
Produced by radical science-film director Eric Duvivier, Hanoun’s film is the most crucial cinematic vision of the Passion according to St John. After a man is found crucified at the entrance of a village, a television journalist interviews witnesses. This interrogation then turns on the viewers as we see a re-enactment of the life and death of Christ as a man and also as a woman, the spear-wound (which we see being painted onto the body) gaping like a second vagina beneath her naked breast on the cross. The result is a revelatory deconstruction of the original biblical narrative. Director Hanoun, a Tunisian, is one of the most significant figures in French anti-cinema, his films continually marginalised and forced underground.

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