(“I Love You, No I Don’t”)
Production: France, 1976
Director: Serge Gainsbourg
Category: Sex
Composer Gainsbourg’s first film as director is the classic story of a girl who submits to endless bouts of sodomy because the young man she loves is essentially homosexual and can only relate to anal sex. Joe Dallesdandro is the man, Jane Birkin is the woman, and Gerard Depardieu can be spotted riding naked on a horse. The film takes its title from the classic “erotic” pop song which Gainsbourg originally wrote in 1968 and recorded with his then lover, Brigitte Bardot. That version was never released, and he made a new recording with next lover Birkin, which came out in 1969. Climaxing with a simulated orgasm by the actress, the record was banned in many countries. Never shy of controversy, Gainsbourg also recorded tracks like “Nazi Rock” and “Lemon Incest” (a duet with his young daughter). Gainsbourg and Bardot can actually be seen singing together on a Scopitone film made for the single “Comic Strip” – Scopitones were the 1960s precursers to music videos, made on 16mm film with a magnetic mono soundtrack, and played on special jukeboxes in cocktail lounges. Other Scopitones of Bardot include “Contact”, “Everybody”, and “La Harley Davidson”.

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