(“Five Wild Girls”)
Production: France, 1964
Director: Max Pécas
Category: Sex Exploitation
Five young women, on vacation in southern France and staying at an old mansion, are led to believe that Nazi treasure is buried nearby, and try to cajole its location from Martha, a local drunk. They also enlist the help of two men, giving plenty of opportunity for scenes of seduction and nudity. At the film’s brutal climax, a confrontation with Martha reveals that she accidentally dropped and thereby killed a child belonging to one of the girls; after this revelation, she kills herself by leaping from a balcony. This sleazy mixture of crime, sex, avarice and death was just one of many amazing films directed in the ’60s by Pécas, the king of French “Z” movies, or cinéma nanard; his other works of note include Douce Violence (1961) and La Baie Du Désir (1964), both released in the USA by Radley Metzger’s Audubon company (as Sweet Ecstasy and The Erotic Touch Of Hot Skin, respectively, the latter with nude inserts filmed by Metzger). Most Pécas movies were produced through his own company, Les Films du Griffon. Pécas later moved into straight erotica, with entries like Je Suis Une Nymphomane (1970, starring Sandra Julien), and in 1976 directed his first hardcore porno film, Luxure – although hardcore scenes, filmed with Sylvia Bourdon, were added post-production to his 1975 film Rêves Pornos, a compendium of footage from previous releases, and a similar process was applied to Les Mille Et Une Perversions De Felicia, released at the end of 1975.

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