(“For The World To Come”)
Production: Canada, 1962
Director: Pierre Perrault & Michel Brault
Category: Ethno-Documentary
A quasi-mystical ethno-documentary produced by the National Film Board of Canada, pioneers in the form of cinema verité known as “Candid-Eye”. This unscripted and unrehearsed (but not completely spontaneous) film shows the native fishermen of Ile-aux-Coudres in the St. Lawrence river, who for centuries have hunted the white beluga whale by moonlight. Perrault and Brault persuaded the islanders to restage a fishing method abandoned in the 1920s, whereby a trap of saplings was sunken into the mud at low-tide in order to ensnare the whales, with accompanying invocations to the souls of the dead. Capturing the spiritual essence of ancient lunar and pelagic ritual, Pour La Suite Du Monde transcends mere documentary to present a mythopoeic manifestation of the collective unconscious.

Posted by Captain Nightshade

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