(“Porno Queen: Japanese Sex-Trip”)
Production: Japan, 1972
Director: Nakajima Sadao
Swedish sex star Christina Lindberg plays a European girl travelling in Japan, who is picked up by a man who brutally rapes her and keeps her chained up at his apartment. She escapes but is gang-raped by hoodlums, and eventually ends up back with her original captor, who has fallen in love with her. A typical plot for Japanese porn, considerably enlivened by the participation of Lindberg. Whilst in Japan, she filmed the much more interesting Furyo Anego Den: Inoshika Ocho, Suzuki Noribumi’s “female violence” classic. Japan’s thirst for Euro-porn stars extended to French actress Sandra Julien, who the previous year had starred in Suzuki’s Gendai Poruno-Den: Sentensei Inpu (“Modern Sex Legend: Congenital Slut”) and Tokugawa Sekkusu Kinshi-Rei: Shikijo Daimyo (“Tokugawa Sexual Intercourse Prohibition: Daimyo’s Lust”), a jidai-geki sex saga.

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