Production: USA, 1964
Director: Bob Mizer
Category: Homosexual Erotica
A short queer movie in which Frankenstein creates a perfect male lover from a doll. But when he tries to teach him to shoot guns, the creatures attacks him and runs away. Bob Mizer was the founder, in 1945, of the Athletic Model Guild (AMG) and its magazine Physique Pictorial, which published homo-erotic photography thinly disguised as “physical culture”. AMG first went into commercial film in the 1950s, producing camp homo-erotic dramas with titles like Aztec Sacrifice or Boy Slaves For Sale, and duly moved into hardcore in the 1970s, with such entries as Cowboy Virgin and the SM orgy Night In A Dungeon (although AMG-produced hardcore stag reels for private consumption, such as Shore Leave, date back as far as 1945). Joe Dallesandro and Arnold Schwarzenegger were among the many aspiring actors who posed for AMG photograph sessions. Another queer film “inspired by” Mary Shelley’s horror classic was Frankenstein De Sade (also known as Hollow-My-Weenie, Dr. Frankenstein, 1969), a pornographic sex entry involving the doctor, his hunch-backed assistant, and the super-endowed monster they create in the laboratory.

Posted by Graf Mitternacht

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